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Crisis Intervention and Sustainability

After the first shock wave of a standstill through many industries, a rapid halt in revenues for many, and fighting for survival, companies will resume their commercial activities, and re-position their business models.

The Business Case for Digitizing Processes

Forget Boris Johnson for the moment. In this case “do-or-die” could be true. If a company fails to keep up with digital trends and corporate digitalization, it will be handing a huge advantage to its competitors that do.

Getting an early view of management quality

New investors in a company need to have an early view of the quality of the top management team. Our proprietary management assessment approach enables potential investors to rate managers against those specific competencies needed to achieve the growth strategy.


We will strive to maintain and grow the trust and confidence that you have put in us during the past year – some examples.

Board Observers

The Board Observer– not a real outsider, nor a complete insider, but possibly a great asset to good corporate governance.

Books and Articles

Mariana Mazzucato: The Value of Everything

The Value of Everything rigorously scrutinizes the way in which economic value has been determined and reveals how the difference between value creation and value extraction has become increasingly blurry. Mariana Mazzucato argues that this blurriness allowed certain actors in the economy to portray themselves as value creators, while in reality they were just moving existing value around or, even worse, destroying it. The book uses case studies–from Silicon Valley to the financial sector to big pharma–to show how the foggy notions of value create confusion between rents and profits, a difference that distorts the measurements of growth and GDP. The lesson here is urgent and sobering: to rescue our economy from the next, inevitable crisis and to foster longterm economic growth, we will need to rethink capitalism, rethink the role of public policy and the importance of the public sector, and redefine how we measure value in our society. https://marianamazzucato.com/publications/books/value-of-everything/

A Must Read for Modern Management: Reinventing Organizations

This book lays down many of the foundations for a Millennial-aligned and agile organization. Laloux dissects and analyses the inappropriateness of the past four management approaches and structures, and describes his "Teal" evolutionary and self-managing organisation form and how it functions.