Focus on Direction and Speed

Intelligently transform
the way we work

  • Provides clarity on vision and values of the firm
  • Controls and monitors performance in retrospect
The Board
orchestrates & guides
through Governance
  • Directs management to chart an agile & digital future course
  • Ensures that agile outputs & principles satisfy regulatory compliance
  • Holds management responsible to manage the changed risk exposure
  • Management plans, specifies waterfall initiatives & projects
  • Removes barriers and control outcomes vs. plans
Executives lead
by encouraging
and enabling others
  • Enlightened leaders inspire, are involved, demonstrate integrity, and make an impact
  • Executives empower staff & provide agile & digital resources
  • People follow instructions and apply their skills within boundaries
  • Deviations are escalated and success is measured against specification
Involved people
manage themselves
and get it done
  • Everyone identifies with the enterprise and aligns in achieving the goals
  • Decisions are made in the interest of customers by the people fulfilling customer needs