Leadership in a Digital World

Our expertise …

Agile & Efficient Governance and Operational Performance

Leadership in a Digital World

Our expertise …

Agile & Efficient Governance and Operational Performance


Effective Governance
and Agile Board Leadership

Purposeful and forward-looking Corporate Governance directs Managements to master the challenges of a digital world, increases competitiveness while lowering risk, allocates operational resources efficiently, demonstrates social & stakeholder accountability, and improves access to capital.

Transforming Performance
and Operational Efficiency

Agile ways of work and digitalization accelerate Performance so that businesses continuously deliver innovative products & services and are technologically competitive. They are robust to withstand the continuous challenges of disruptive global markets, and increase returns on assets employed.

Carpe Diem International will help you navigate the change

Our mission is to enable boards and management to be successful in achieving rewarding future growth through effective governance and agile performance in this digital age.

Our work is based on Foundation Values of integrity, openness, and honesty.
Doing the right thing ensures change that is robust and endures.

What our customers say about us

“…unlike any other consultant …you have impact much quicker …and are a partner that shows us how to drive change.”

“Linking corporate culture and leadership with business process thinking, acting and design to strategic goals and measuring on day-by-day basis KPI result brought the company back on track,”

“The world-class methodology you introduced transformed a national business into a highly responsive, customer focused distribution organization providing unparalleled service to principal clients.”

“Outstanding framework for improving the odds.”

“Excellent. I will get a lot of use out of the structured questions“.

“Nice delivery and style – kept topics interesting and engaging.
First advisors I’ve seen that understand our business and the real constraints of DD process.”

“Great! Can’t wait to see results: better assessments, lower unexpected turnover, better development of C-Level executives. Thank you.”

“Really great – effectively demonstrated framework on how to measure management competency vs gut feeling.”

“Very good course, very relevant and practical – useful and a real eye-opener.”

“Hands-on information from experienced professional – encouraged to think.”

“I will certainly be happy to come a second time in the coming years.”

“After 3 years of being a director, this training was extremely welcome. It should be a requirement for all new directors.”

“Excellent overview of the topic. Highly professional. Outstanding experts.”

“I now feel more prepared for my board assignments.
The toolkit is a great help to prepare for future board positions – very good idea.”