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Viewpoint: New Management Skills Needed Post-Corona

As if I did not need another reminder, I recently stumbled over a picture (1) that brought home the need to reflect on what I might have taken for granted about the core Management competencies needed to master the challenges ahead. What skills are now most important? Before the current crisis, WHO published their list […]

A Must Read for Modern Management: Reinventing Organizations

This book lays down many of the foundations for a Millennial-aligned and agile organization. Laloux dissects and analyses the inappropriateness of the past four management approaches and structures, and describes his „Teal“ evolutionary and self-managing organisation form and how it functions.

Bücher: A Brief History of Humankind

Der Homo sapiens regiert die Welt, weil er das einzige Tier ist, das in der Lage ist, an Dinge zu glauben, die nur in seiner eigenen Vorstellung existieren, wie Götter, Staaten, Geld und Menschenrechte.